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Less time on the couch reduces fatness in babies of obese women

Overweight and obesity are enormous problems for society and health care. However, having too much fat starts before birth, in the womb. Obese pregnant women often give birth to babies with too much fat, and these babies are more likely to be fat as children and adolescents, increasing their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Therefore, prevention of overweight and obesity starts during or before pregnancy! We published recently in Diabetologia a manuscript on the influence of a lifestyle interventions during pregnancy on the offspring.

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Mediators of Lifestyle Behaviour Changes in Obese Pregnant Women

A better understanding of what drives behaviour change in obese pregnant overweight women is needed to improve the effectiveness of lifestyle interventions in this group at risk for gestational diabetes (GDM). We published in Nutrients a manuscript on the factors that mediated behaviour change in the Vitamin D and Lifestyle Intervention for GDM Prevention (DALI) Lifestyle Study.

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