Input requested for 2016 ACSM meeting colloquium

This year at the ACSM we will offer you a novel approach to a colloquium for which we need your help to succeed. Through a colloquium we will present a so-called “flipped classroom”. Instead of providing you, the audience, with the answers and solutions to specific sports injury research methodologies, we want to learn which methodological sports injury research issues keep you busy. 

If you are interested, please provide us with a short description of the methodological challenge you would like us to elaborate upon. Topics may range from basic injury epidemiology through to analysis of complex issues. Out of all replies we will make a concise program, answering as many of the issues that have been forwarded as possible.

In fact, if your question is chosen, we will be willing to analyze your data for you as long as you are willing to share it with us and allow us to present it during the presentation. We would also create simulations of your data, making small changes that might occur in some studies, so that we can show the effects on the results, and how the changes help or hinder answering research questions. 

You can send us your ideas and questions through, or simply by responding to this post. 

Hopefully we can welcome you at this session.

Evert Verhagen & Ian Shrier