Sports medicine documentary awards

Participation in sports is pursued by many; from young to old, from amateur to the elite level. Just as the variety in participants the reasons for participation vary from seeking improvements in health status, through to improved performance and participation in actively competition. Whatever your level or motivation for participation, health risks are inherent to participation in sports. One may think for instance the risk of injury, overreaching or systemic diseases (e.g. asthma) resulting from participation in sports. Such negative side effects obviously hamper the beneficial effects that may be achieved through sports. Sports Medicine plays a pivotal role in managing the risks and consequences of such negative outcomes in sport.

Recently we hosted a number of students in a minor course, in which we introduced the broad field of Sports Medicine. During the course the students were given an assignment to create a mini documentary on a sport related health problem of their choice. Students were triggered to be creative and explain their chosen problem to the lay person. In five groups students set out and shot the five documentaries a listed below. 

Now we need your help in choosing which creation wins the award for the best 'sports medicine documentary'. At the bottom of this page you will find a form at which you can vote which documentary you think deserves to win this title .. and this will be a tough choice while all entries are great!

#1 Anteror Cruciate Ligament Tears

#2 Sudden Cardiac Death

#3 Ankle Fracture in Trampoline

#4 Soccer Injuries

#5 Anteror Cruciate Ligament Tears in Soccer