Versterk je Enkel

Interactive apps are not necessarily the better choice for the implementation of injury prevention programs

Implementation of an effective ankle injury prevention program through either an interactive App or a Booklet, showed similar outcomes on the short and the long run. Not only did both methods result in comparable compliance rates during the 8 weeks of the program, both methods also led to comparable ankle sprain recurrence rates and costs after one year of follow-up. Both the App and the Booklet can be used successfully and with the same cost efficiency. Apps are, as such, not necessarily always better.

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ZonMw Pearl for Evert Verhagen

Approximately 187 million euros per year. These are the societal costs of ankle sprains in the Netherlands. For this reason alone effective prevention is of great importance. The Strengthen your Ankle project - within the programme Sport of the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw) -  resulted in two accessible tools that support this important goal. For these results projectleader Evert Verhagen received a ZonMw Pearl on November 3, 2016 ... but this was a huge team effort!

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