“Who me?! I thought you’d never ask” –Listening and analyzing injury prevention behaviors in elite sports context 


Caroline Bolling is a PhD candidate supported by Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico – CNPq , Brazil- grant number 202242/2015-3


Sports injury prevention researchers have developed many strategies to prevent injuries in the past years. Despite the evolution in research, how to apply the models/ programs from research into practice remains a challenge. The interventions are usually developed from the researcher’s perspective and despite having the injury prevention as the main goal, they don’t take into consideration the elite sports context and its particularities. A better understanding of this context is needed to developed customized interventions and improve the use of injury prevention strategies in practice. Qualitative methods can provide a contextual perspective on the injury problem by exploring different perpectives and enabling a more comprehensive understanding of the injury prevention process in practice. 



This project aims to recognize and understand the reality of the elite sports context through a qualitative study. We aim to explore and understand the beliefs, attitudes and knowledge about injury prevention from the athletes’ and other stakeholders’ (i.e. coaches and medical staff) perspective.